Mawhood’s Oberon


Vitasoy Oat Milk Unsweetened 1l
$3.12 each $3.12 per litre
Western Star Spreadable Supersoft 500g
was $5.50 $5.25 each $1.10 per 100g
Bertocchi Gold Aussie Bacon 400gm
$7.90 each $7.90 per kg
Birds Eye Birdseye Deli Whiting Clb 250g
$9.34 each $37.36 per kg
Birds Eye Golden Crunch Hash Browns 800g
was $4.10 $3.50 each $5.13 per kg
Birds Eye Steam Fresh Carrot Broccoli & Corn Mix 750gm
was $5.53 $4.65 each $7.37 per kg
Black & Gold Raw Sugar 1kg
$1.60 each $0.16 per 100g
Black & Gold Tasty Shredded Cheese 500gm
$6.00 each $12.00 per kg
Black & Gold Thickened Cream 300ml
$2.00 each $0.67 per 100ml
Community Co Cheese Slice Tasty 500gm
$7.00 each $14.00 per kg
Mccain Vegetables Premium Baby Beans 500
was $2.80 $2.70 each $5.60 per kg
Silverside Sliced
was $24.00 $18.00 per kg
Smith's Original Crinkle Cut Potato Chips 170g
was $4.04 $2.50 each $2.38 per 100g
Arnott's Mint Slice Biscuits Family Pack 365g
was $5.59 $4.50 each $1.53 per 100g
Arnott's Monte Biscuits 200g
was $4.00 $3.00 each $2.00 per 100g
Black & Gold Iws Cheese Slices 500gm
$3.90 each $7.80 per kg
Black & Gold Sour Cream Lite 300mL
$2.20 each $0.73 per 100ml
Brussel Sprouts Kg
$0.32 each (approx.) $14.00 per kg
Cadbury Caramilk 180g
$5.00 each $2.81 per 100g
Celery Half Bunch
$1.80 each
Copperpot Corn Relish Dip 200g
$4.30 each $2.15 per 100g
Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Yoghurt Vanilla 600g
was $4.82 $4.00 each $0.80 per 100g
Devondale Full Cream Milk 2
was $3.20 $2.80 each $1.60 per litre
Grapes Black Kg
was $9.00 $7.00 per kg
Handee Ultra Paper Towels 2 Pack
$3.50 each $2.92 per 100 sheets
Kellogg's Corn Flakes 725g
$4.50 each $0.62 per 100g
Meadowlea Original Margarine 1kg
was $5.00 $4.39 each $0.50 per 100g
Yoplait Petit Miam Yoghurt Blueberry 70g
was $1.28 $0.90 each $1.83 per 100g
Arnott's Shortbread Cream Biscuits 250g
$3.00 each $1.20 per 100g
Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello Koala Chocolate Sharepack 12 Pack 180g
was $5.00 $3.50 each $2.78 per 100g
Dairy Farmers Sour Cream 250g
$3.00 each $1.20 per 100g
Freedom Farms Chicken Thigh Fill Rw600-700g
$12.99 per kg
Golden Circle Juice Long Life Breakfast 2L
was $3.67 $3.00 each $1.84 per litre
Lamb Chops BBQ Forequarter
$19.00 per kg
Limes Kg
$1.33 each (approx.) $14.00 per kg
Paradise Uglies Biscuits 10 Pack
$4.09 each $1.64 per 100g
Pepsi Max 30 pack (​375mL)
$19.00 each $1.69 per litre
Poppin Microwave Popcorn Triple Butter Flavour Explosion 4x100gm
was $6.01 $5.26 each $1.50 per 100g
Yoplait Petit Miam Yoghurt Strawberry 70g
was $1.28 $0.90 each $1.83 per 100g
Bazaar® Turkish Rolls 4 Pack
$6.49 each $1.62 each
Dairy Farmers Thickened Cream 300ml
$3.29 each $1.10 per 100ml
Devondale Mozarella Shredded 600gm
was $9.20 $8.50 each $15.33 per kg
Don® Double Smoked Shaved Ham 400g
was $8.95 $8.00 each $22.38 per kg
Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt 1kg
$5.50 each $0.55 per 100g
Handee Ultra Paper Towels 4 Pack
$6.28 each $2.62 per 100 sheets
Leeks Each
$3.00 each
Mission Wraps Wholegrain 8pk
$5.41 each $0.95 per 100g
Perfect Italiano Perfect Pizza Grated Cheese 450g
$8.00 each $17.78 per kg
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Please know that we are doing our best to supply all of your grocery needs.
Unfortunately due to the current circumstances some of our products are either unavailable or we can only supply small quantity's.
Please be considerate of others and only shop to your current needs.
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